Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Won't they find you if you're good enough?

YES! The issue is that most times you don't know what good enough is. It is important not to get discouraged just because a coach has not contacted you yet. The goal in the recruiting process is to get on the coaches radar. Remember that there is more to just being a good athlete in order to play collegiate sports.

 02   Will I get a Scholarship for this service alone?

NO!! And if other services guarantee this, they are lying. The only person that can guarantee a scholarship is the one handing them out. Remember that the recruiting process is exactly that, a process. If you devise a plan according to NCAA given dates you will have a good chance to play college sports.


 03  Can a college coach talk to me and offer me a Scholarship my                   1st year of high school?

NO!! I'm sure you have heard of the player that committed his freshman year or even out of junior high in some cases. That's all that happened, he/she committed. Anyone can commit to a school at any time, but that is not binding until the letter of intent or scholarship is signed at the legal date for that sport.


 04  Is division 1 better than division 2?


NO!! The difference between different NCAA Sanctions is money and few rules. Keep in mind when looking at colleges it's more than just sports. You will be making a decision that will shape the next 4 years of your life. You need to make a decision that will be the best fit for you. Academically and athletically.


 05  Should I go to Jr college or a University to play sports?

YES!! you should exhaust all your options. Remember that after Jr College (associates degree) you will be able to transfer to most 4yr schools with no problems. This decision will be based on a lot of personal questions you will need to answer before making a decision. But either way, it will be a good choice.


 06   Are my grades really that important?


YES!! Coaches want athletes that they won't have to babysit in the classroom. Here is an example. Athlete A is a 5-star athlete but struggles in the classroom. Athlete B is a 4-star athlete but is top 10% of his class. Assuming they play the same positions, most coaches will go with athlete B, because they know they have 4 years to make a kid a 5-star athlete and won't have to worry about him/her in the classroom.


 07   Should I just do Showcases and Clinics?


YES! You should do everything that you can afford. Do your research, many events today are money grabs. It is important that you contact coaches prior to attending events to let them know you are coming. Sending them videos and academic information is really important. This service will add weight to showcases and clinics because they will know who you are prior to showing up.


 08   Why is Player 1st better than other recruiting tools?


Because we teach you and help you through the process. We make this a personal and individual experience for you. College coaches don't care about 3rd party products because they know that you are just fishing and really don't care about attending their school. We address this in our service and make sure coaches know that you are the one taking initiative on going to play college sports.


 09   How do I know if I am actively being recruited?


You are being actively recruited when coaches begin to call you or show up to your events on a consistent basis. Just because you get a letter inviting you to their camp does not mean that they are recruiting you. If you are unsure if you are being recruited then the answer is no. When a coach shows interest you will know.


 10   When should I start reaching out to coaches?


As soon as you can physically show collegiate skill and ability. Just because a coach can not talk to you does not mean you can't reach out and show interest in their program. There is no age limit or grade limit. Its all about ability and skill.